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Fredericktown EMS is made up of a combination of members who live and volunteer in our community and then there are those who live outside our community and work either full-time or part-time providing emergency medical care to the citizens of our community. All our members all hold a certification issued by the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Division of EMS. The members of the department who work and volunteer for you fall into one of three certifications. The EMT is the initial certification that the member can obtain and the initial training is 130 hours and then a required 40 hours of continuing education every 3 year certification cycle. The AEMT is an additional 130 hours of education on advanced medical treatment and then a required 60 hours of continuing education every 3 year certification cycle. The Paramedic is the third level that our members can obtain and the requirements are a minimum of 600-800 hours of initial training (training center dependent). The paramedic is currently the highest trained level certified by the ODPS, Division of EMS. The paramedics are required to complete a minimum of 80 hours of continuing education every 3 year certification cycle.

All 3 levels of providers work well together complimenting each other’s skill levels. Recently the ODPS, Division of EMS has begun to increase the scope of practice for the EMT & AEMT allowing them to provide more advanced treatments for the residents of Ohio. The “Scope of Practice” is linked for your general knowledge.

Rick Lanuzza Chiefrick.lanuzza@fredericktownems.net
Jason WhaleyAssistant Chiefjwhaley@fredericktownems.net

Amy Lanuzza alanuzza@fredericktownems.net
Amy Ritteraritter@fredericktownems.net
Bernard Douglas bdouglas@fredericktownems.net
Cale Grubbcale.grubb@fredericktownems.net
David Gerhart dgerhart@fredericktownems.net
David Peight dpeight@fredericktownems.net
Denise Koelbl dkoelbl@fredericktownems.net
Dennis Tinodtino@fredericktownems.net
Dwayne Canter dcanter@fredericktownems.net
Heath Kempton heath.kempton@fredericktownems.net
Jacob Beattyjbeatty@fredericktownems.net
Jacob Yoderjyoder@fredericktownems.net
Jason Whipple jwhipple@fredericktownems.net
Joe Linejline@fredericktownems.net
Josh Talbott jtalbott@fredericktownems.net
Marsha Frontzmfrontz@fredericktownems.net
Megan Frontzmpfrontz@fredericktownems.net
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Matt Maihle mmaihle@fredericktownems.net
Mike Holleymholley@fredericktownems.net
Mike Litteral mlitteral@fredericktownems.net
Morgan Carey mcarey@fredericktownems.net
Nathan Castlencastle@fredericktownems.net
Nathan Gerhartngerhart@fredericktownems.net
Ronny Flynnrflynn@fredericktownems.net
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