When to call 911?

What are the signs of a stroke?

What are the signs of a heart attack?

What are the signs of cardiac arrest?

Why are the EMS Department and the Fire Department separate?

Do I have to give mouth to mouth when I do CPR?

My address is on my mailbox, it that good enough?

POST YOUR ADDRESS CLEARLY AND PROMINENTLY AT YOUR ENTRANCE AND ON YOUR HOME.  Posting your 9-1-1 address at the driveway entrance and on your home will alleviate any confusion as to whether emergency responders have the correct location. Try using something reflective or illuminated so that it can be seen in the evening as well as during the day.

DO NOT ASSUME SINCE YOUR MAILBOX IS MARKED YOU HAVE POSTED YOUR ADDRESS – mailboxes are not always at the entrance of a driveway and usually are not marked clearly on both sides. Several cities and counties have ordinances for posting 9-1-1 addresses – check with your local ones. And always report missing street signs when noted – these not only help others find your home but are essential to emergency response personnel.

Will I get a bill for being transported to the hospital?

Fredericktown EMS began billing for EMS transport services effective September 1, 2012. Fredericktown joins an increasing number of departments that bill for transporting patients to the hospital for emergency care. Health and Auto Insurance policies include benefits for emergency transportation to the hospital. Until now, Fredericktown EMS has provided free transportation for these insurance plans. These plans have been able to keep the money already set aside to pay for emergency transportation. No bills will go to residents of the Ambulance District for deductibles, co-pays or the balance of what their insurance, Medicare or Medicaid did not pay.

EMS Billing Facts

1. If you have an emergency, CALL 9-1-1 immediately. Our first priority is taking care of your emergency. It does NOT matter if you have insurance or not.
2. Only emergency calls resulting in patient transport will be billed to your insurance company.
3. Our EMT’s & Paramedics WILL NOT ask you or your family about insurance coverage.
4. The hospital will provide your insurance information to us after your service. In some cases you may receive a letter or phone call asking about your insurance coverage.
5. All Medicare, Health & Auto Insurance plans and Medicaid plans will be billed for patient transportation services. This includes Worker’s Compensation plans for work related injuries.
6. The proposed insurance billing will be paid for by the insurance companies of the individuals transported. This new revenue will go toward staffing the night time shift giving our community the best possible response time 24 hours each day.

Billing questions should be directed to
MedBill Resources
(740) 522-8815 or 1-800-838-4187.
For any other questions , please contact our Business line at
(740) 694-0351.

Patient care is our FIRST priority!
If you have an emergency,
CALL 9-1-1